Autoclicker and other useful tools for windows


Windows on its own simply doesn’t provide enough utility for most advanced users. At some point you will have to look elsewhere for solutions to your everyday problems, such as autoclickers, color pickers, advanced screenshot capture tools and YouTube subscription managers.

Let’s dive straight into our roundup of the most useful tools for Windows.

Speed Auto Clicker

With Speed Auto Clicker you can automate any mouse clicks, including those that your mouse might miss or cheat. Speed Auto Clicker allows you to set the time delay before a mouse click, or to choose a specific app or window.

You can easily increase your clickrate by using Speed Auto Clicker. You can use it in your favorite games or software.

The Speed Auto Clicker offers you anything you need to increase your clickrate.

A comprehensive FAQ section provides all the necessary information about Speed Auto Clicker, including how to customize it to your needs.

It is compatible with all versions of Windows, from XP through to Vista and 10. Speed Auto Clicker works on both x86 and x64 systems, and requires at least 1Mb of system memory.

##Just Color Picker ust Color Picker is the perfect companion for photographers, graphic designers, artists and webmasters who want to work with colours. The app provides an easy way to capture and save colour combinations on your photos or projects. It is also possible to edit saved colours using a wide range of tools.

The app provides a huge palette of colours and tools for creating colour combinations that can be used as palettes, background textures, colour schemes or colour schemes.

You can create your own palette by combining saved colours in different ways: you can save up to 10 different combinations per palette.

The app also provides a powerful grid and guide that makes it easy to create beautiful colour combinations and palettes, which can be saved into your photos or projects. You can use the guide for creating collages, texture backgrounds or you can use it to create stunning product mock-ups.

Save your favourite combinations and use them as the colours for different projects, including websites, web designs, print and digital products.

##Lightshot Lightshot is a very convenient tool that allows you to take an instant screenshot without installing any software or any other tools. You can use it to take a screenshot of your entire desktop, select the part of the screen you want and share it.

After launching Lightshot, a new window will open and a preview of the screen will appear. You can see all the parts of your computer that Lightshot is capturing. The screenshot has a watermark to let you know that it is coming from Lightshot.

If you click on this, you can see different options for what to do with the screenshot. You can share it on any of the social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can also edit it and add text to it to make it more personal.

If you click on edit, you will find different options for adding text to the image. You can also crop the image, edit it and double click on the picture to save it. In addition, you can also add effects like blur and adjust the brightness and contrast of the screenshot.

The Lightshot tool will allow you to take a screenshot and edit it in just one click. It is very easy to use, with multiple options for sharing or editing screenshots as well as adding text and effects to your screenshot to make it unique.

Have you ever taken a screenshot of something interesting on your phone, tablet or PC? Then you know how frustrating it can be trying to find the right tool to share it with your friends. The above mentioned tools are certainly very useful in sharing screenshots of your device with your friends.

However, they can be very helpful in sharing screenshots of the things on your phone, tablet and PC with your friends. So if you have ever tried to share a screenshot of something interesting using these tools, then you know how frustrating it can be especially when you face problems while trying to do so. If you are looking for a tool that can be used to share screenshots of your device with your friends, then look no further than Lightshot.

##PocketTube: Youtube Subscription Manager PocketTube is a Youtube extension that allows you to easily organize your YouTube subscriptions and sort your subscribed channels. It's really easy to use, with no programming skills required.

The extension allows you to easily group subscriptions by date, sort channels by rating, create collections for easier management of the subscription folder (like a magazine). It's a great extension for those who want to organize their subscriptions easily.

Installation is very simple, and the settings are intuitive and self-explanatory.

Subscription Manager adds a lot of value to your YouTube experience. You can sort your subscriptions by date or rating, create collections for easier management of the subscription folder, and manage more than one account at once.

The best part about PocketTube is that it can be used on all the popular desktop browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari etc.

You can use your subscription manager anywhere, even while you're traveling, which is perfect if you have a lot of subscriptions that need to be managed. It's also very simple and easy to use. You don't need to worry about creating complex filters or adding multiple filters to your subscriptions.

PocketTube keeps all your subscriptions organized in one place, allowing you to keep an eye on what's new and recent on YouTube. What’s also fantastic is that PocketTube is completely free from advertisements, so there's no reason not to try out this great tool.

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