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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have an install guide? Yes, you can see it here:

Is the Auto Clicker free? Yes, the auto clicker is complete for free. It's a freeware that you can use.

What is a speed auto clicker? An autoclicker, is a software that helps you to perform very many mouse clicks very quickly.

What means Activation? In the Activation setting you can choose between 'Key Mode' and 'Mouse Mode'. Key Mode means the auto clicker will start when you press a specific hotkey on your keyboard. The Mouse Mode means that you can control the keyboard with your hotkey mouse button.

What means Activation Mode? You can choose between 'hold' and 'switch'. Hold means the auto clicker will only work while you hold the hotkey and switch means the auto clicker will work, until you press the hotkey again.

What means Actions per Second? With the Actions per Second you can set the clickrate of the Auto Clicker. Unlimited means the clicker tries to click as much possible (this depends on your computer. Better CPU means more clicks).

What is the Variation mode? The variation mode varies the click rate of the clicker. This means that the click rate is not constantly at the same level, but changes and thus appears more natural. This anti-detection allows tasks to be solved in such a way that they look as if a human is using them.

What means Action? The Auto Clicker can click mouse buttons or keyboard buttons. You can decide if the Auto Clicker perform mouse clicks or keyboard clicks.

What is the Action Key Press? The Key you want the clicker to perform, when you have set the Action to Key Press.

What is the Action Mouse Click? If you choose the Action Mouse Click, you can here set the mouse button the auto clicker should perform.

What happends when I click 'Reset Settings'? All settings are reset to default settings.

Is the Auto Clicker safe? Yes, the Auto Clicker is safe. You can ask the communtiy on our Discord server or check here.


My Auto Clicker is broken. I can't start it. How can I fix that?

  1. Press [windows] + [r]
  2. Enter "%appdata%" in the "Open" field.
  3. Search for the folder "SpeedAutoClickerV3"
  4. Delete both folders to reset the auto clicker.


Do you have a Discord-Server? Yes, you can join here:

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