Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a speed auto clicker?

An autoclicker, is a software that helps you to perform very many mouse clicks very quickly.

What means actication key?

This is the activation key for the clicker. Like you have to press 'e' to start the clicker.

What is the activation mode?

You can chose between hold and switch mode. Hold means, when you press the button, the clicker starts. When you stop pressing, the clicker stops. Switch means, if you press the activation key, the clicker runs until you press the button again.

What is the mouse click type?

Describes the key to be pressed. Like left means the the auto clicker will simulate your left mouse button.

What means click rate?

Describes the number of clicks in a second. Unlimited Achieves the speed that is possible with your processor.

What means click limitation?

Click limitation means the number of clicks to be made before the auto-clicker stops. On Currently at You can see how many clicks have already been achieved.

What means reset?

Reset everything to factory settings.

How can I save my settings?

Is automatically saved. Just close the programm.