Auto Clicker Games 2023


Auto Clicker Games 2023

We have all been there. We play an awesome game and have a great time, but it requiers us to click repetitivly for hours. There has to be a better method then the exhausting repeted pressing of our left mouse button. Thankfully, Software-Developers have come up with the Speed Auto Clicker, a simple method to free your index finger from countless hours of monotone clicking. The are real "Game Changers" and can help in many games.

Adventure Capitalist

This is one of the basic clicker games. You have to click on one button to produce goods and on another one to sell them. Your goal is to sell as much goods as possible, so you can expand your businesses and produce even more. Beeing able to click faster can be a great adventage on the free market. The usage of an Auto Clicker Software can help to achive faster clickung, therefore more production and more sales. It is by no means illegal, as the game is entirely in singleplayer. It just speeds up your progress.

Coockie Clicker

Cookie Clicker works similar to Adventure Capitalist. You have to repeatedly click on the coockie to produce more cookies. These cookies can then be invested in upgrades to speed up your production and automate it. The Auto Clicker significantly speeds up your progress and lets you expand your cookie-empire much faster.

other Clicker Games

There are many similar clicker games out there, in wich an auto-clicker can help you to speed up your progress. The two afforementioned games are without a doubt the most famous games, but there are many more that share the same basic principals. There are for example: -Clicker Heroes: a RGP in wich you have to earn gold to buy heroes that automatically attack monsters. -Tap Titans: you also have to battle monsters and earn better weapons and power ups to fight more and save your country. -Realm Grinder: You rule over a fantasy world and have to make strategic decisions to gather more ressources and power to lead your realm to glory.


Minecraft is diffetent to the afforementioned games, as it is not a game that solely relies on the player beeing able to click fast to progress in the game. An autoclicker can however, help you to automate the repetetive task of mining for ores or chopping wood. instead of using the mouse button, an autoclicker can bind the clicking command to any key on your keyboard, wich are more convenient to hold for a long time. It can even help to set up whole AFK faming procedures for crops, animals or experience points. With simple tower setups, it is possible to force the mobs to spawn high up in the air and fall down the exact distance to loose enough health so they can be killed in a single hit. This hitting ist best automated with an autoclicker. An autoclicker can even help you in PvP or PvE Combat. In the older versions of the game, players had to click as fast as possible to deal the highest damage. Now, the weapons need to "charge up" after each attack. An autoclicker can help here. It can be set to click in the exact intervall the sword needs to charge up its maximum damage. The player there always deals the most damage and can have an advantage over his enemys. It can also help in other PvP Games like Diablo or Path of Exile.


Autoclickers are a great tool to boost your gaming experience. Be it with fast clicks or well timed clicks, an autoclicker almost always has an ability to offer you an advantage. It is highly recommended to try one to have the best possible experience in games. Speed Auto Clicker offers the best package of all currently available auto clickers!

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