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Best Clicker and Idle Games for PC!

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Incremental or idle games are reward games that repeat almost the same pattern and rewards you for making the process more lucrative and efficient. The snowball effect people get from playing this game makes it one of the favorite choices among gamers. While making some productive progress in the game, the incremental and repetitive task keeps getting more efficient with new clicks.

The idle game synonym comes from the fact that some of these games can operate autonomously. The entire context is to figure out how to realize the number of clicks from a mouse a player can get while playing the game. Some incremental games keep giving new levels that always make gamers come back to ask for more. 

However, you might need a bit more than manual clicking to cross over some stages. Gamers now use auto clickers to automate the clicking process and turn the game to its idle state. One auto clicker that you can trust to do the job for you is Speed Auto Clicker.

Idle Games Recommendations For You

Below is a list of top recommendations for idle games you should play with speed auto clickers 

1. Adventure Capitalist

This investment game puts you in the driving seat as an enterprising capitalist who is looking to make it big. Using a single lemonade stand as your first moneymaking tool, your assets begin to expand to owning hockey teams, making pizzas, and even running banks. The fun part about this idle game is that you can automate your different businesses and gather your profits even faster.

You can use auto clickers to generate your revenue when you are not actively playing the game. Automating your mouse clicking function and the click rate are some of the benefits you enjoy when you use speed auto clicker.

2. Crusaders Of The Lost Souls

Here, you are in charge of a group of heroes that have to penetrate through hordes of monsters. This is one of the game that speed auto clicker really comes in handy. You can spend the gold you earn on new crusaders as you move up levels in the game. For penetrating faster through the hordes of monsters, you can get result faster using speed auto clicker.

3. Cookie Clicker

Cookie clicker is one of the first incremental games that are popular among gamers. You earn a single cookie per click. When you bake enough cookie, you can purchase new cursors to do the clicking for you. To automate your clicking, you can use speed auto clicker to advance faster in this game. Once you have enough cookie, you can restart the game and aim for the upgrades like heavenly chips etc.

4. Trimps

This game, just like all other idle games, begins with a single click from your mouse. Your initial manual task is to complete your first simple task and earn a reward. Soon, you will realize that the game gets tougher with new and incremental tasks for you. Titular trimp is a small creature you can automate to carry out these small tasks for you. Better still, you can engage the best clicker to help you make your task completion faster.

5. Clicker Heroes

Another great idle game recommendation is clicker heroes. Here, you start as a lone warrior who has to battle several monsters. One click on any of these monsters causes just one damage on them. Using speed auto clicker to automate your clicking functions helps you get past these monsters faster and recruit allies that do damages to these monsters as well.

6. Time Clickers

Time clickers give you a futuristic experience where are the point shooter who destroys cubes that drop currency. You use the currency you can gather to buy ammunitions for yourself. You can also use the gems you are collecting to upgrade your current ammunition to increase the damage output while playing the game. 

With different arena stages in the game, you get to face the big boss at the end of each stage. You can use speed auto clicker as an automated mouse clicker to scale through these stages and move through the game levels faster. The game packs several futuristic loops and twist that keeps you locked in and wanting for more adventure.

7. Realm Grinder

As the ruler of a small fantasy kingdom, you earn some reward coins by clicking on your realm. You can use these coins to construct buildings that in turn generates income for you as the ruler. You continue to gather more income from buildings like blacksmiths and inn building even when you are not online. 

You are in total control of whether you wish to be a good ruler or an evil one. This twist gives you the opportunity to choose the direction you want the game to play out. Picking any of these choices allows you to gather allies with other fantasy races. You also get to have access to multiple buildings and real estate.

This game keeps you lock in to know what it packs for you next. Automating your mouse clicking function with speed auto clicker helps you get to the next level faster. You can get the next surprise faster when you use the benefits speed auto clicker offers in Realm grinder idle game.

8. Forager

Another interesting and dynamic game you will love is Forager. It is not strictly just an idle game or incremental game. If you wish to progress through this game, you need to put in some active participation in it. Here, you engage in combat activity, formulate plans by building up your base and forage around for materials.

As the game progresses, the pace of the game increases. Your best assistant in getting your usual plunder at these faster paces is speed auto clicker. You can catch a breather while speed auto clicker takes care of business for you. This idle game gives you more action than you can ever bargain for. Using speed auto clicker helps you clear the stages and get your forages. 


Using speed auto clicker gives you the option of automating the clicking function when playing your idle games. There are other great recommendations like Sakura clicker, Crush-Crush, Adventure communist and so on. You should be sure of using speed auto clicker to get the best idle gaming experience.

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